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Quotes to inspire and teach guy how to be better men, better gentleman. These will cover everything and be feed to my Pinterest account.

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16 Tips on Being a More Romantic Man

Every guy can use a few tips on being a more romantic man, and you will be surprised on how easy some of these can be to do.

Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman

21 Rules to Being a Gentleman

There are some basic rules to being a gentlemen that have been slowly disappearing from society and its our job to make sure they make a strong return as soon as possible. Most of these should be known by everyone but some are a little less obvious and truly distinguish...

50 Quotes on Character Building Lion Picture

50 Best Quotes on Character Building

There is nothing more important then your character. Here is my list of the 50 best quotes on character building that every man needs to live by! May these quotes inspire and strengthen your character so that you attain true success from within. 50 Best Quotes on Character Building I’ve...

50 Best Success Quotes

50 Short Success Quotes for Life

Here is my list of the best 50 Short Success Quotes for Life.  We all need a little wisdom every now and then to help us be more successful so bookmark and reread often. Tony Robbins always says “Success Leave Clues”.  This list contains all the clues you need to...

Gentleman Should Treat Lady

50 Quotes on How to Treat a Woman

Are you in a relationship or looking to start one?  In order to have a successful relationship, you must act like a proper gentleman.  Here is my list of 50 quotes on how to treat a woman in order to have the perfect relationship. These things you do need to...


5 Core Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette You Need to Follow

Everyone knows there are a just a few core gentlemen rules of etiquette you need to follow.   These are not hard to follow and will clearly separate you from pack. These rules will rebuild your character and make you a better man, husband, and leader in society. Since these rules...