What is the Gentlemen’s Manual?

The Gentlemen’s Manual is a website dedicated to helping men improve themselves!

We all have an image of the lifestyle we want to live. Do you want to be wealthy, admired, or respected. Whatever it is, you can achieve it.

I will teach you everything I have learned about how to achieve your dreams. I know we all will have different dreams but the steps are very similar and very achievable.

The Gentlemen’s Manual will also help you develop character which is the foundation to a mans success in life. Building your character will create the BEST version of you.

Our core topics will cover

  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Style
  • Money

We will post several new articles a month about our core topics and link to other websites valuable information to help you on your journey.

Lifestyle improvements will be focused on having you spend more time on all the things you enjoy. I enjoy spending time reading, drinking scotch, and living a minimalist lifestyle. The fewer things I have in my life, the more energy I can spend on things that matter. Minimalism is a big part of my life and I hope you find benefits in it too.

Improving your style will have a great benefit in improving your confidence and will improve all other areas of your life. You will be perceived as more professional and your career will flourish. There are many different styles and you need to know your lifestyle before you start dressing properly. For example, if you are a preppy, business professional, or a craftsman, you will likely have different ideas on how to dress to your personality. I will guide you to your style and teach you the basic rules to be successful in it.

If you are not healthy, nothing else matters. I will teach you to eat better, how to exercise for maximum benefits (in the shortest amount of time), and talk about several sports I am very passionate about (mainly golf). In January 2018, I weighed 200 pounds and officially obese. After 4 months of Intermittent Fasting, eating well, and lifting weights, I lost 40 points in 4 months and never gained it back. If I can do it, you can too, and I will show you how!

Lastly is Money.  I have been very successful in personal finance because I follow the basic rules of money. I have read countless books and can show you what all the greatest financial experts teach us about how ti improve our financial status in life. Being a minimalist makes money management much easier because you learn how to be happy without spending money on junk. I can teach you all the basic principles of living a more minimalist lifestyle and how to invest the difference in improving your life. We will also talk about career and how to best invest in your ability to earn more money with education.

Gentleman are the knights of our time and we will live everyday in defense of our values and character.  Feel free to comment on any item and let me know your thoughts.

A Little bit about me

Todd TJ Totland
Todd “TJ” Totland
The Gentlemen’s Manual

My name is Todd “TJ” Totland and I live in Tinton Falls, New Jersey (USA).  My style is classical preppy and a bit of hipster (Prepster) which I likely developed while going to Christian Brothers Academy (A prep school in New Jersey).

I will tend to write about classical, preppy, professional, prepster, and hipster style in my posts but will cover other men’s fashion foundation looks pretty often as well.  If a gentleman would wear it, I will talk about it.

I truly believe that a gentleman always dresses well but this does not require suits and ties.  I live a very casual (beach) lifestyle and suits are not appropriate for my life and they don’t need to be for you too.  Suits are great but not required.

I am a golfer, fencer, photographer, sailor and do lots of other gentlemen like things.  Once and a while I drink Scotch and wine, and keep myself very fit and exercise often.  I despise vulgarity in all forms and work very hard to improve myself and the world around me.  Education is very important to me and I read several books every month and work as an Principal DevOps Cloud Engineer for IBM.

I am also a technology geek and a workaholic but I really enjoy what I do.  This time is spent in normal engineering activities as well as education and lab time.  I also run several other photography and technology websites.

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Thank you for visiting and enjoy reading.

TJ Totland (Todd Totland)
The Gentlemen’s Manual

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Gentlemen’s Manual and our purpose. We are here to help as many men become gentlemen.

I personally believe the world will be a much better place if we all acted like ladies and gentlemen and will not stop teaching these core character traits until this becomes is a reality.

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