5 Core Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette You Need to Follow

Everyone knows there are a just a few core gentlemen rules of etiquette you need to follow.   These are not hard to follow and will clearly separate you from pack. These rules will rebuild your character and make you a better man, husband, and leader in society.

Since these rules will define your character, you must take them serious.  If you can follow them every day, they will become habits that will change your life.

Below is my list of 5 core gentlemen rules of etiquette you must follow to create this better lifestyle you can start living today.

Gentlemen are Polite and Respectful to Everyone

This one is first and foremost above all others.  Being polite means having manors, never using vulgarity, and treating others with respect.

Treating others with respect shows your character more than anything else.

A proper gentleman will hold the door open for anyone, help people in need, and go out of his way to make the lives of others better.  In short, he truly cares about other people.

This treatment is always evident in how he treats the lady in his life.  When he is with her, there is no other person in the room more important.  He will be attentive to her needs and focus his attention on just her.  This is just common sense and proper manors.  If you consider the amount of time she has taken to prepare herself for the event, it is just proper you will show her you appreciate her efforts by given her your undivided attention.

A gentleman will always speak properly and correctly, and never speaks badly about others.  It is not hard to learn to speak correctly if your environment is surrounded by other people who do this regularly.  You will naturally adapt to these better habits.  Engaging in polite conversation is a skill to be learned, so always practice it with everyone you meet.

Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette Rule 1

Gentlemen are Confident

Confidence is the glue that keeps a gentlemen together.  There is a very clear difference between confidence and arrogance.  You can have confidence in your abilities, but never boast of your successes.  Never compare yourself to others in a way to show how you are better.  The focus of a gentlemen is to sincerely compliment others.  Doing this improves how you are viewed by others and improves your self respect.

Confidence is clearly shown in everything a gentleman does.  It is shown in your dress, voice, handshake, body language, walk, attitude, and smile.  It is apart of everything.

Being humble is the key difference between arrogance and confidence.  Confident gentlemen listen more then speak, give more then take, and knows there is something to learn from everyone and every situation.

Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette Rule 2

Gentlemen are Always Learning

Education is way more than a college degree.  It is all about knowledge and life experiences.  These are things not sold in schools but built from a constant desire to always learn (but college is highly recommended).

A gentleman is always reading something.  He will have a library of books that he has read and enjoyed.  A gentleman is always willing to expand his world to understand your world.  He is naturally inquisitive.

A gentlemen is willing to share what he has learned but only when asked.  Providing your opinion is very tricky because there will always be others with different opinions which must be respected. 

Please understand that most people are not as knowledgeable as a proper gentlemen.  Sometimes the best response to a foolish comment is silence.

Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette Rule 3

Gentlemen have Good Style and Hygiene

A gentlemen is always aware of his outward style and appearance.  This will show in his dress, manor, hygiene, and accessories. 

A man does not have to dress in suits and tie to be classified as a gentleman.  The dress of a modern gentleman is to dress traditionally and conservatively.

How you wear your style is almost as important as what you wear.  Your clothes should fit properly, be free of stains, and appropriate to the occasion.  It is proper to dress a little nicer then most other guests but not over dressed as to look out of place.

Style does not need to cost a lot of money. 

Focus on the basics and slowly build your wardrobe until it suits your lifestyle.  Build it around your needs and not because someone else thinks its the latest hot new trend. 

If you work in an office where suits are the standard, then your wardrobe should be filled with suits.  If you work in a factory, then your clothes should match those needs.

Proper hygiene is critical.  A gentleman is always well groomed.  Even if just hanging around the house or working in the yard.  Looking great never takes a day off.

Gentlemen Rules of Etiquette Rule 4

Gentlemen Always Try to do the Right Thing

A gentleman will always strive to do the right thing.  This is not an excuse to do what is the right thing for you but rather the right thing for everyone. 

The world seems divided between people who only care about themselves and those who care about other people.  Gentlemen care about other people.

Sometimes in life, it is can be very difficult to figure out what is the right thing to do.  Social values and personal experiences are your guide here.  Everyone’s upbringing is often very different and the definition of right is often subjective.

This is no more apparent then the debates we often find in politics.  It is easy to see how both sides are fighting for what they feel is right considering their values. 

You may disagree but being able to understand both sides is a critical trait of any gentleman.  A gentleman will always do what is right according to his beliefs and always respect the beliefs of others.


Being a gentlemen requires character, good values, and strong will to see it through.  Do you have what it takes to be a modern gentlemen and live by these gentlemen rules of etiquette?

Before going shopping for a suit and claiming the gentlemen status, you need to first build the gentleman inside you.  Once you have the foundation set, then make your style match your character and enjoy life.

Every gentleman needs a role model. I wrote an article about what a great Celebrity Role Model – George Clooney could be, I recommend you read it next. Please also consider visiting my Pinterest page where you will find a lot of other articles and ideas for being a modern gentleman.

Do you agree with my 5 core gentlemen rules of etiquette or would you change them around a little?  Leave them in the comment section below and let me know what you think.