10 Best Preppy Gifts IDEAS for Father’s Day

Do you have one of those hard to shop for Preppy Dad’s that seems to have everything already?  Not to worry, there is bound to be something on my list for the 10 Best Preppy Gifts for Father’s Day that he would love.

The main rule for shopping for the best preppy gifts for your perfect Father, buy quality that will lastQuality is the cornerstone of the preppy lifestyle and it is always cheaper in the end to buy something that will last a lifetime instead of something you will need to replace in a few years.

In our consumer culture, people often buy what they want, and sometimes what they need too, often on the advice of companies people just trying to make a profit.  This list is simply the items I have bought over the years that I truly love and can easily recommend to friends and family.

Most often, quality can be very expensive, but not always.  For example, a quality Estwing hammer may only cost $15 more the a cheaper one, but it was designed to last forever. I am a huge fan of Vineyard Vines, which is an extremely expensive brand, but the clothing is designed to look great for many, many years. This will over time be much less expensive then buying something cheap at the mall or online somewhere.  The main point to realize is best preppy gifts are great quality that also represent great value.

Another thing is something you love may not be something they would love.  I personally love giving books, but they are so rarely received well.  People don’t read as much as they did in the past, given the growth of video programs and the ability to learn anything with a simple Google search.  So now I stay away from giving books and things I prefer, and instead focus on that the receiver would prefer instead.

There are 3 things that should be at the heart of a preppy dad

  1. Living a Healthy Preppy Lifestyle
  2. Good times with Family and Friends
  3. Education, Class, and Style

This list will contain stuff from each of these areas, plus some bonus things that every guy would love to own (like tools).  This list will also stick to the basics and will focus on high quality instead of something that will break in a few months or years.

So what do preppy guys like to do?  We like having fun, and looking good doing it.  We are very thrifty with our money and choose to repair things instead of replace them.  We are also family guys, and enjoy entertaining at home with family and friends.

Avoid buying stuff that will just clutter their lives.  Simple, minimalistic items are the perfect gift.  Lets take a look at the list of the Best Preppy Gift’s for Father’s Day below:

Best Preppy Gift’s for Father’s Day

These golfs are divided into several sections to make it easy.

Healthy Lifestyle Gifts


Massage Gun

Who doesn’t like to get a good massage? From a hard day of working in the yard or playing a round of gold, this little massager will get the blood flowing in your aching muscles. When these first came out, you would expect to spend $150-$250 for one of these guns but there are plenty of quality Amazon knock-offs just as good as the original versions for under $100.


Shiatsu Massage Pad

I have used one of these for over 15 years and love it. It doesn’t do much for the office décor, but a great investment to destress in the middle of my work day. Just 5 minutes is enough to clear my mind and get me focused and reenergized. After 15 years, my original one just stopped working and this was my replacement. I expect this to last another 15 years, just like the first one.


Amazfit GTR Smartwatch

This watch is amazing! I have always been a traditional automatic watching wearing Preppy dad, but this watch changed my opinion of how nice a fitness watch can look. I often wear both my Fitbit and my Tag watch, which looks a little ridiculous to some. But with this fitness smartwatch, I can just wear one, get a great looking time piece, all my fitness tracking, and a whole lot more. Best $130 I ever spent.


Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

Most guys love leather, but only real leather, and not the fake or PU leather junk you often get these days. Real leather gets better over time, and will break in perfectly. I hate having my golf card and pencil in my pocket when I play and by using this card, I keep it all together. To make this extra special and Preppy, have it monogramed!

Preppy Style Gifts


Genuine Leather Minimalist Wallet

There is nothing worse then over packing your wallet with money, cards, papers and receipts. It never fits properly in your pockets and when you sit on it, it curves your back in unhealthy twists. I converted to a slim leather wallet about 4 years ago and this and my phone are the only things I carry these days.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines Necktie

The heart of every preppy dad closet is always Ralph Lauran and Vineyard Vines. When it comes to colors, I teach my clients to avoid bold colors and stick to the basics, except for ties! The preppy lifestyle is all about color in ties and this is where you need to go bold. This is a great reminder to your dad of the fun that awaits him when he gets home from work. Every day should feel this good! Many more styles and colors on the Amazon website.


Fossil Men’s Leather Duffel travel bag

I bought this bag when it was on sale but I would have paid full price for it, because its perfect. The leather is top notch, I can fit a whole weeks of traveling in it (I pack light), and it looks great too. The best part is it will only get nicer as the leather breaks in.


Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit

I first bought a fake leather one of these when I was younger and after the first year, it looked absoluately terrible. I soon after bought one of these high quality leather ones and every year it looks better and better. This is a lifetime purchase and at the heart of every Preppy guy. I loved mine so much, I bought 2 and use the other as a shueshine kit.


Wood Clubhouse Polarized Sunglasses

There is nothing like a good paid of Woodies sunglasses to make your day in the fun fun. These are not the normal Woodies I wear but these look much nicer and I love the frameless look. I have a pair on order and expect to love them just like the originals.


WOODIES Classic 3 Pack Wood Sunglasses

Every guy needs 3 pairs of sunglasses; cubmasters, wayfarer, and aviators. These are a fantastic set of glasses and I own 2 from this set. These do break pretty easily since they are made of wood but I love the fact that these are made partly from renewable resources.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Watch

This is a very similar looking watch to the king of all preppy watches, the Rolex just date, but a step better. This is a Citizen which is more reliable then a Rolex and an eco drive to boot (no batteries). All this for usually around $100 (Amazon prices change very often). Check out my other article where I talk about the Preppy Men’s Watches.


Tissot Tradition Swiss Quartz Watch

This is a swiss made sapphire crystal watch for around $200. Let me say that again, a Tissot swiss made quartz watch with a Sapphire crystal. This watch can easily go for double the price and it will last you a lifetime, and something you can pass down from generation to generation. They don’t come much better then this!


Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet Kit

Every Preppy father already has a closet filled with several pairs of quality shues. This kit will allow him to take better care of them. Most often, we just use an old shoebox to store everything but I love this kit or using a dobb kit like the one above.


Dockers Vargas Leather Boat Shoe

Every preppy father needs a few pairs of boat shoes. These have been my favorate for the past 4 years now. Lighter then most others but after almost daily wear, they still look like new (with regular shoe care with the kit above). I liked these over most others because of the dark sole.

Preppy Lifestyle Gifts


Whiskey Decanter Set – Irish Cut

Some Scotch bottles are very nice looking and will make your home bar attractive and functional, but some are not. I bought this same decanter set about 4 years ago mainly because it was made of glass and not crystal, which is preferred because its lead free. This really makes my scotch stand out and look great. I liked it so much, I bought 2 other ones for other types.


Whiskey Decanter Set – Irish Cut Triangle

Same as above but a triangle bottle. I personally prefer the set above because it will hold a full 750 ml and this one will not. Other then that, its a great set and I highly recommend both, one for your scotch and the other for your Irish Whiskey.


Mpow MX1 Bluetooth Earbuds

I own this exact pair and have used them for about a year. They are so small and easily fit into my pocket and I put them in when I go shopping to listen to one of my Audible books. Great time saver. I have not had any problems with battery life but the range is a little small and they are not made for exercising.


Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset with Charging Base

I bought this in 2020 and use it with all my work calls, but it can also be used for light gamming and audiobooks too. I used to sync this with my windows PC but due to a recent windows patch it stopped working with computer and now I just use it with my iPhone. I hope to use it again with my PC when Microsoft gets their act together and stops changing the driver. Best $20 purchase ever and the maginet charging base cannot be beat.


RockDove Flannel Lined Memory Foam Slipper

These are very comfortable and were a Christmas gift a while ago. After daily wear, they still look great and the sole has not cracked or broken in anyway. Plus I love the flannel liner too.


Ninja Specialty Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Great coffee that more then pays for its modest price over time. My family loves it and cannot imagine how we would get by without it. I recommend the stainless steal carafe but it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Mine is also the model before this and I have been using it for about 3 years. Highly recommended.

Brybelly Store

Poker Chip Set in Wooden Carousel Case

Much nicer then the case sets I have seen and this I have had for over 10 years. Still in great shape and proud to say I still have all my chips. Good but not great weight on each chip and I like the built in deck holder Goes great with my poker table and my monthly poker nights with the boys.

Tool Gifts


Estwing Hammer 16 oz Curved Claw Leather Grip

Not all hammers are made alike. There is Thors hammer, and the Estwing. Both surve a purpose and this hammer was made to last a lifetime. This is my second one as my first one was “browrowed and never returned. Great hammer and feels just right in your grip.


OBD II Vehicle Code Reader Scanner

I first bought the Bluetooth and Wifi scanners but hates all the work required to sync it with a phone. They were very difficult and the software very limiting. This one is about $20 more and you never need to worry about syncing or limiting software. Check the car and be long on your way to a repair in 1/2 the time. Well worth the $40 I spent.

Best Preppy Gifts


What do you think of my 10 Best Preppy gifts for Father’s day? The preppy lifestyle is all about enjoying time with family and friends, and not about buying stuff, but sometimes we need things to make our lives easier and enjoyable. This list is focused on those 2 goals.

Most of this list of the best preppy gifts will link back to Amazon to give you more information and details including the current cost the item, and everything on this list I have bought with my own money. I am not being paid to recommend them, but I will receive a very small commission from Amazon if you buy it.

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