Ultimate Hygge Guide for Guys – How to Love Life Again

This hygge guide for guys provides ways for most guys to enjoy the benefits of hygge.  Most often hygge is presented in ways that are not manly, but this guide will show you 4 simple ways manly guys can be more hygge.

Most articles on the Internet about hygge are from the feminine point of view. Sorry but guys are not that crazy about flowers and hot chocolate. We like beer and scotch as a way to wind down while watching football or Rambo movies on TV.

Hygge is supposed to be for everyone, but let’s face it, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to how we decorate our space and live our lifestyle, and there is not one hygge guide for guys ay that will fit everyone’s personality.

For example, some guys like modern, while others traditional room styles.  Some go for minimal while others prefer clutter.  No matter your preference, this hygge guide for guys will give you great new ideas on how to get through the Winter, and you can start loving life again!

Hygge Guide for Guys

What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable friendliness with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Hygge is a state of mind more then a way of decorating your surroundings.  If you were to search the Internet, you will read about candles, warm fires, cozy blankets, and comfort food.  For most people, those are tools used to get you to hygge, but it is not hygge.

This state of mind is best when it extends to your family and friends.  If you can expand your feeling of cozy, love, and friendship to everyone around you, then you can better grow your hygge.

Hygge guide for guys is also not something you do once, like go to the movies, and then return back to your stress filled life.  It is a big part of your lifestyle and incorporated in your daily life.  It’s a warm comfortable sweater that you never take off.

Hygge appeals to your sense of smell, taste, feel, sight, and sounds.  It’s a way of being mindful of the present moment and forgetting about the future or past.

It was created as a way for people in Norway to get through the hardship of Winter which typically peaks around Christmas time.  Some of the traditions around hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, and fresh baked cookies make the perfect family memories, but can be extended to any time of the year.

Hygge Guide for Guys

Hygge Guide for Guys

This hygge guide for guys will focus on 4 things.  We need to be comfortable both inside and out.  Guys need to have a relaxing environment to destress and focus on recharging.  We need to be mindful of the present moment and be thankful for our life, and enjoy every second of the life we built for ourselves.  Lastly, we need to extend our hygge to family and friends, and share the hygge feelings with all.

Hygge Guide for Guys

Hygge Stylish Clothes for Guys

Hygge and looking stylish often seem like opposites to each other.  The wearing of baggy sweats and worn tee’s are the vein of what I teach to the world.

I am all about looking stylish, even when you are alone.  Wearing baggy “cozy” clothes is not part of my personal image and I not something I recommend to anyone.  I am also rather critical of those who choose to wear their cozy clothes in public.

Why?  Because you can look great and be very comfortable if you are willing to put in an effort.  So I say, put in the effort!

So lets redefine hygge cozy clothes because in today’s world, there are plenty of stylish clothes that are extremely comfortable.  Cozy doesn’t mean oversized, over worn, and worn out.  It means comfortable, properly fitted, and coordinated.

Vineyard vines have several outstanding options to choose from.  From their flannel pajama pants, and Collegiate Shep Shirt.  Maybe a favorite college hoodie and some Gap stretch jeans.  To finish it up, get a good pair of wool socks and a great pair of slippers.

When you look good, you feel good, and that’s the whole point of hygge. Not to mention your chances of getting lucky dramatically improve the better you look and smell, so put in the effort and enjoy life more.

Hygge Guide for Guys

Hygge in the Study and Man Cave

For regular readers, you know I am not a fan of the typical man cave and prefer a properly decorated study to relax.  I actually have both in my house, but they serve different purposes, and both can be very hygge.

A study is designed to do work, relax, and take care of family business.  A man cave is designed to have fun.  Both can relax you in different ways.

The traditional study is often filled with books for reading, a dark wooden desk for paperwork, and a small bar setup for a glass of scotch.  To make it more hygge, add some soft lighting, relaxing music, comfortable seating, and a roaring fire.

To make your man cave hygge, think movie or game night with a comfortable sectional sofa, cold beer on tap, and fresh popcorn in the popcorn maker under the heating lights. I can’t think of a better hygge night then playing poker with friends, drinking good beer and scotch, and pigging out on junk food.

The key to both is proper lighting.  I connected everything to my Samsung smart hub and everything is dimmable.  Plus the TV is important in both rooms.  The study would have a smaller TV hidden into the décor but in the mancave, it will be the prime attraction. In my study, I can get a virtual fireplace going while reading, or switch it to a football game, or stream the latest Dwain Johnson movie.

I also think pictures are important in both rooms.  Lots of family and vacation pictures should surround you to relive great memories.  I prefer family pictures over displaying collectables but this is your choice.  The goal is to surround yourself with things that relax you and bring you joy. Sometimes I configure my TV to play my family photos stored online which is a great way to relay and remember good times.

Hygge Guide for Guys

Mindfulness and Hygge

The art of hygge is the feeling of enjoyment of the present moment.  We are surrounded my incredible things, incredible people, and once in a lifetime moments.

The purpose of hygge is to recognize these moments and enjoy it.  If we are too focus on the past or future, we miss out on being happy now.

In my house and office, I have dedicated space to practice mindful meditation.  When I take a walk outside, I am fully present enjoying that walk.  If you are with friends and family, you need to put down your phone and enjoy your time with them.

Even when you are not in your hygge state of mind, you need to always practice mindfulness.  Some consider it the key to getting things done both at home and work.  Imagine if you can do a whole weeks worth of work in half the time, then you can spend the other half doing something you love.

Hygge Guide for Guys

Hygge Gatherings

What’s better then being hygge happy?  Making friends and family hygge happy too!  Sounds good, but where do you start?

The first thing to remember is hygge is all about making your guests FEEL comfortable and relaxed.  You can start by writing down all the ways you like to relax and feel comfortable and make your party just like that.

If you are imagining fresh bread, hot stews, and plenty of sweet treats, then most people will agree with you.  This is not a formal event and needs anyone to dress to impress.  This is all about slippers, cozy wear, and fluffy blankets.

Also, this is not a TV night so bring out the board games and light some candles.  Formal seating around the table is optional and maybe should give way to informal seating anywhere people want to gather.

Parties are always a great place to crack open plenty of wine, but be mindful that not everyone may not enjoy the same stuff as you.  Hope lots of options, hot and cold, and plenty of candles to set the mood.


This  hygge guide for guys is all about helping the average guy enjoy the benefits of hygge.  Most articles out there focus on the female point of view and often has lots of flowers and decoration that do little to help a guy relax.

This article of course can be adapted to both guys and girls, it leans more towards what a guy would want in comfortable clothes and chilling décor then a girl might. I also made it 1/2 the length of most of my articles and wanted it to be simple and actionable. There are no excuses to improve your lifestyle with a little hygge today.

Everyone is different and I would truly enjoy knowing how you build your personal hygge lifestyle.  What are your favorite foods to eat and what are your go-to clothes for relaxing.

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Thanks for reading.