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Good Whiskey for Beginners

Good Whiskey for Beginners

If you are looking for a good whiskey for beginners, then I have a great recommendation and the brand might surprise you. And, it’s cost too.

Complete Cat Tool Kit List Everyone Should Carry

Complete Car Tool Kit List Everyone Should Carry

I think the boy Scout motto of “Always prepared” and the US Coast Guard motto of “Always Ready” (Semper Paratus) are lessons we all need to take to heart.  To be prepared, we need to use a car tool kit list and make sure our cars are prepared for anything...

20 Gentlemen Books Every Guy Should Read

20 Gentleman Books Every Guy Should Read

It’s a shame that in today’s world, we would need a list of gentleman books every guy should read to lean how to be a better man.  To learn how to be a proper gentleman.  But we do. With so few great role models, we need to learn manly, gentlemanly...

Agile Results vs GTD

Agile Results vs GTD

Agile Results are all about 2 things; Being flexible and being focused on results!  Life is always changing and you need to change along with it.  I have always recommended Getting Things Done (GTD for short) but now I am following agile results.  What are the differences between Agile Results...

Fun Preppy Cars Worth Your Money - Jeep Wrangler!

Fun Preppy Cars Worth Your Money

What are the best preppy cars and why should you get one? Preppy cars are all about 3 things; Sun, Snow, and Sand. If you like these things too, then consider a car on this list! “Class doesn’t shout, it whispers.” All the cars on this list will whisper class...

Preppy Mens Watches

Preppy Men’s Watches for 2019

Having a quality collection of preppy men’s watches is an investment in your future success. It can make a statement about your quality as a man and open doors that you never knew existed. Not to mention, its also very cool and a great improvement to your style if you...

Gentleman Should Treat Lady

50 Quotes on How to Treat a Woman

Are you in a relationship or looking to start one?  In order to have a successful relationship, you must act like a proper gentleman.  Here is my list of 50 quotes on how to treat a woman in order to have the perfect relationship. These things you do need to...