8 Surprisingly Affordable Stylish Fitness Watches for Men

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How can you improve your personal style while also adopting a healthier lifestyle?  Simple, get one of the stylish fitness watches for men.

So what’s the difference between a smartwatch, fitness tracker, and a fitness watch?

Smartwatch will focus mostly on extending the abilities of your phone and will have some basic fitness monitoring included, but will not really excel in fitness stuff.  Think of the early model iWatches.

A fitness tracker will be much smaller then a watch, often in the form of just a wrist band, ring, or a clip on device.  It will track your workouts and give you a good idea if you are working out hard enough to meat your fitness goals.

A fitness watch will combine both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.  Older fitness watches for men were just OK at performing these functions but in 2020, they really took great steps in their design and function and now are really incredible and worth the cost.

If you are trying to life a healthier lifestyle, do you need one?  Absolutely!

The old saying, you can’t managed what you don’t track is true here.  If you want to know how much energy you burn in a day, how effective your exercises are, or how well you sleep at night, you need to get a quality fitness watch.

If you workout a lot and want ample fitness-tracking options, I recommend spending at least $100 on a fitness tracker.  This is the price point where you’ll start to see the features that are useful to very active users.  If you want a quality stylish fitness watch for men, be prepared to spend a bit more.

A hidden benefit in wearing a fitness watch is it motivates you to be more active.  It’s your workout partner that never sleeps (unless the battery dies).  It will get your butt in moving and that’s exactly what most of us really need.  These are designed cheer you on when you meet a goal, giving you an ego boost. Plus, you can share the messages with your friends to let them know how active you’re being. For many people, this brings out their competitive instinct and something to be proud of.

Smartwatch vs. Fitness Tracker

What is the core difference between a fitness watch and a fitness tracker?  Simply put, a fitness tracker is smaller, lighter, and very good at giving you your vitals, and since the screen is often really small, it extends your battery life for many days. 

Fitness watches for men have much larger screens and use a lot more power, but the newer ones give you great control on what features to turn on and off to save power.  Since they are bigger, they could get in the way of your workout or even distract you with a message in the middle of your set. 

But when you are not working out is where they shine.  They make being connected easier and you can keep your phone in your pocket without feeling disconnected from the world.

The Fitness App

The app you use REALLY matters.  This is why you want to avoid all the Chinese knockoff junk on the market. Whether on your phone or on the web, the app is critical because it is how you interface with all the information the device collects, and can sync with other apps as well (like a food tracker app and a digital scale).

For example, I have 3 apps that all sync together.  My Fitbit collects my activities, my Renpho scale collects my weight, body fat %, and 21 other details, and syncs it to my Fitness Pal where I enter my diet information.  My Fitbit also syncs with my Fitness pal, and I use that app to review all my data.  This is a great summary of my healthy lifestyle and keeps me on track with daily and weekly reports.  This is only possible because they are major products with real apps that were programmed to work together.

Fitbit has one of the best apps and websites I’ve tested. It lets you record all kinds of data that many other companies don’t, such as calories consumed, allergy severity, and stress level.  The others are also great but since I use the Fitbit everyday, I recommend it.  In 2 years, it has never failed me once.

If you want total body analysis, look for a system that incorporates a smart bathroom scale.  The Fitbit Aria, Polar Balance, Renpho, Withings Body +, and Wyze Scale are all great options. These send your weight directly to your account, so you can’t cheat the system by entering a lower number. The Renpho is my top choice and the one I use at a fraction of the price of the others.  Check out my RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review.

Does a Fitness Watch have Style?

Some of the biggest problems with fitness watches for men have been, well, they were pretty ugly.  The battery life sucked requiring a charge about every 2 days.  Apple watches still have a battery limitation but the styling has come a long way.

I love a nice, classic looking watch, meaning analog hands and a quality leather band.  I personally prefer a round bezel but I understand the benefits of square (more screen makes it way more functional).

Of the watches below, they all passed my stylish requirement and would look great both in the gym and in the board room.  They are all pretty big and if you happen to have small wrists, then these may not be the right choice for you.  A 45 mm watch is huge and requires a beefier arm to pull it off.

Are Stylish Fitness Watches Worth the Money?

If you compare it to a quality swiss watch, probably not. The great thing about a classic watch like a TAG, Rolex, and Seiko is they will be stylish forever and will last just as long too.  These stylish fitness watches for men are devices that will last a few years if you are lucky.

If you look it as a tool to keep you healthy, then what is a long and health life worth to you.  Probably a lot, and this is the approach I take.  Stylish fitness watches for men are good tools for crafting a quality heathy lifestyle, and in this view, are priceless.

Problems with Fitness Watches for Men Today

It’s cool to be fit.  So cool, people just want to look like they are into fitness.  Some guys who want to look like they workout buy a high end fitness watch giving the impression they live a healthy lifestyle.  Sorry to say, a healthy lifestyle is hard work.  It requires daily exercise and great eating habits, both of which are rare in America.

Sometimes they are bought by guys because they are trendy and geeky and the wearers have little interest in adopting a healthy lifestyle.  This is just like people who wear gym clothes everywhere but never go to the gym.  If this is the case, you are just wasting your money.

The watches on this list are for those serious about health and style.  For everyone else, please order one of the Chinese knockoffs on eBay for around $50, or better yet, fins another way to impress everyone.  If you are serious about a healthy lifestyle, then commit to it by getting a quality watch, and every time you look at it, it will help you achieve your fitness goals.

What to Look For in a Fitness Watches for Men?

Most will tell you don’t judge a book by its cover, but that approach doesn’t apply around here.  Styling is one of the most important criteria when the Gentlemen’s Manual rates a watch.  After that, the critical features.  We disregard all the fluff.

  • Battery life: Look for something that will last a week and never take the listed battery life at face value.  Read the reviews and get real world battery life.
  • Display: Here we want a quality display.  Look for an OLED screen to display your favorite dial and fitness stats while working out.  Most displays on this list have quality glass.
  • Design: Interchangeable bands and clock faces are required.  No cheap plastic watches on this list.
  • Built-In GPS: If you are a runner or cyclist, look for a device with a built-in GPS.  If you are a gym rat, this is a waste of power and you can disable it.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Should be standard on all devices but it should do it well?  All these will for sure or your not wearing it right.
  • Mobile App: Not only is it commonplace for current trackers, but also essential for managing fitness goals. A mobile app will let you look at the bigger picture and compare your data over time, month-to-month, or year-to-year, and sync up with other major apps to combine diet and your smart scale to give you the really big picture.
  • Water Resistant: Be it H2O or sweat, take into account a device that can sustain getting wet often.

8 Greatest Stylish Fitness Watches for Men

The list below is current as of 2020 and I will make sure to update this list a few times a year.  Some of the watches have several models that I grouped together if they were similar enough. 

I tried to spread the price range from truly affordable to crazy, over $1000 watches.  The reviews were from the Amazon website and are from people who actually bought and used the watches.  The battery numbers are in days which is much better then just a year or 2 ago when they were listed in hours.

Apple Watch Series 6Apple Watch SESamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Fitbit Versa 3Garmin fēnix 6Fitbit SenseGarmin VenuAmazFit GTR / GTS
List Price$400+$280$200$230$700+$330$300$130
Amazon LinkBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
PlatformIOSIOSiOS AndroidiOS AndroidiOS AndroidiOS AndroidiOS AndroidiOS Android
Water ProofYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Voice AssistantSiriSiriAlexaAlexa GoogleNoAlexa GooglenoAlexa Google
NotesLimited BatteryLimited BatteryNot compatible with Google appsFitbit Premium AppSolarFitbit Premium AppMusic Edition holds 4GBWeak App
ReviewBest All-Around for iOSiOS Budget OptionWinner All-Around and Most Stylish Ferrari of Fitness Watches  Best Budget Watch
$400 and up
Buy Here

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6, like its previous two predecessors (and arguably even earlier versions), is the world’s best selling health and fitness watch. With a blood oxygen monitor and always-on altimeter added to the ECG monitor, the heart rate monitor, fall detection, emergency SOS calling, and noise monitor, the Apple Watch Series 6 is decidedly not just a smart watch, but a powerful device that can help you have better control over your overall health and wellness.

This is my least favorite.  Not because of its styling which I love nor its features.  My dislike this watch because of the limited battery life which is reported to last a max of 2 days.  If you can have a routine where you have the time to charge this everyday, then it could be the perfect fitness watch.

For me, I have a desk job and have a few hours everyday typing on a keyboard.  This is the perfect time to get in some charging.  If you are always on the move, I am not sure this would be a good fit for you.

One other problem, this is only for IOS phones and if you are a dedicated Apple user, then this is a no brainer.

Apple Watch SE

Most of what makes the Apple Watch Series 6 so good can also be found in the Apple Watch SE. What you won’t find is the high starting price, because the Apple Watch SE starts from a much more affordable $279 entry price.

The exterior design is identical to recent Apple Watch models, with a rectangular case that comes in two sizes (40mm and 44mm). However, the Apple Watch SE is only available in aluminum and has fewer options in terms of finishes.

Since both Apple makes the phone and smart watch, pairing is as easy as it gets.  It is really almost a secondary phone screen, on your wrist.

Plenty of handy features are present in the SE, allowing you to ping your iPhone to find it, send and receive messages, make and take calls from your wrist, and even remotely trigger the camera.  It is also loaded with fitness monitors to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

$200 on Amazon
Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is the most stylish watch on this list, and the one I recommend above all the others.  The price is affordable and the features are exactly what I would want in a smart watch.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 has an impressive focus on fitness, it also packs in everything else you’re likely to want in a smartwatch. The minimal design blends in anywhere, the vibrant display is a real highlight, and the Tizen OS software is fantastic.

Samsung has made lots of small improvements in the Active 2, increasing the screen size slightly, improving the sensors, and adding an LTE model, adding up to a great watch.

This is an stylish fitness watch that’s very comfortable to wear. The fitness features are top-notch, and you can check messages, take calls, pay from your wrist, and in-depth customization helps you make it your own.

It’s a great device to live with, despite issues in the setup and a limited choice of third-party apps (Google apps not supported).  This really is the crippling flaw in this watch, and so easily fixed by Samsung. While the Apple Watch is the right choice for iPhone owners, if you have an Android phone in your pocket, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the watch to try.

Fitbit Versa 3

I have been a Fitbit fan for many years having owned several of their fitness trackers.  If I could only own one watch, it may be the Versa 3.  The price is good, its compatible with everything, and it works really, really well.

My personal problem with this and most stylish fitness watches is I don’t like a square face.  I much prefer the round face of some of the other watches on this list, but I prefer the Fitbit app over the Samsung Health app.

Fitbit just makes good products and the Versa 3 is no exception. Out of all the smartwatches and fitness trackers I’ve used, Fitbit is consistently the easiest to set up and has one of the smoother user experiences in both the app and on your wrist. 

It’s not overly complicated with features I don’t want which tells me it will be reliable for years to come.

My biggest issue with the watch is the side button.  Everyone hates it because it just doesn’t work right.  The second issue is you cannot download your music to the watch to play on a workout.  Given the recent news that Google is buying Fitbit, I expect these issues will be correctly and hopefully with just a software update.

Fitbit Sense

I’ve loved the Fitbit products for years and this one is no exception.  This higher end and much pricier model is almost identical to the Fitbit Verse 3, but with a few exceptions.

Comparing the styling of the 2 watches, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference (Verse made with aluminum and Sense in stainless steel).  It’s biggest differences are in the functions.

The Sense is like having a medical professional on your wrist.  The ECG function will monitor your heart for stuff like atrial fibrillation (afib).  It will also look for signs of stress and warn you when your heart rate or stress levels approach the danger zone.  Both watches have SpO2 and skin temperature which is handy in the COVID world we live in today.

If you have a heart condition or a history of one, then this watch could just save your life and the extra $100 is a very simple decision.

Garmin Venu

If the Apple watch can shine in the Apple community, then Garmin will shine in the sport and fitness communities.

In short, if you want a stylist fitness watch with most of the emphasis on fitness, then Garmin is the only watch for you!

The Garmin Venu is not as popular as the more established smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series or Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, but it has a leg up in fitness tracking.  In fact, it’s one of the best sport watch you can buy right now.

As someone who is very focused on his healthy lifestyle, it’s more important to me that the device tracks my sleep, heart rate, steps and workouts, and that it does all of those things well. With that in mind, many people are quite happy with their Venu after a short time of using it, but the price is a bit step compared to the others.

Garmin Venu SQ (Bonus Review)

Garmin’s first cheap multisport watch in years is a win. The Venu Sq offers 95% of what made the original Venu so great. It’s a step down in build quality and the display isn’t as good, but functionally, the Venu Sq can hold its own against Garmin’s other multisport watches.

The $200 SQ is lacking music storage (Available for a $50 upgrade) and has a plastic bezel.  Styling is lacking with a square face and I prefer the $300 model for this reason alone.  If you like the square face and extra screen, then this is the model for you

Garmin Fenix 6

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar is probably the best fitness tracker on the market at the moment, offering best in class battery life and a wealth of new activity tracking features that’ll help even the most diehard of athletes take their workout to the next level.

This is the Apple killer in all areas except price.  At almost double the price, it will unfortunately never be owned by me or most people, but like owning the classic 1960 Ferrari 250 Spyder, its nice to dream.

Why is this watch so expensive?  Its powered by a 14 day battery and can stretch it by a built in solar charger in the watch face.  With technology so advanced, it speaks volumes about how well it can do everything else.

I cannot express this point enough.  If you hate charging your wearable, this is the watch for you with incredible battery life that can stretch to 2-3 months in battery saver mode.

Other then the incredible battery, this watch is the Rolex of smart watch styling.  Paired with the right band, it will impress everyone on the train and in the office.  But like the dream Ferrari, I personally think it is collecting too much data and I prefer a simpler, cheaper approach.

AmazFit GTR

AmazFit is a brand under Huami Technology and was founded in 2013.  They are the first smart hardware company from China to enter the US capital market and offers wearable devices such as smart bracelets, smart watches, and sports earbuds, and products related to sports and health such as treadmills, weight scales, body fat scales, shoes, and clothing. They expect to build a global healthcare ecosystem for its customers.

The products are made well, but maybe not as well as some of the other products on this list.  Since this is technology which will be obsolete in a few years, I suspect the quality is just right to last well beyond its expected lifespan.

The AmazFit watch has several versions and I will talk about the GTR and GTS versions.  The GTR is round and the GTS is the square watch and both use the Zepp app which is always being improved.

Both of these watches have built in speakers or mics which is rather cool since some of the much higher priced fitness watches for men above do not, and of course they do have all the normal functions in a stylish fitness watch for men.   One very important difference between these 2 watches is the battery life.  The larger watch has a bigger battery making it last much longer.  Both watches also has both Google Home and Amazon Alexa available.

The actual battery life varies greatly between actual reported life and what is advertised.  Some people have also had issues with the app but they are making improvements and bug fixes regularly. 


These fitness watches for men are not just a modern trend and can be traced back to the 1700’s, but the ones we all are more familiar with were invented by Abraham-Louis Perrelet in 1965.  Back then they were mostly focused on counting a person’s steps to help people reach their 10,000 step goal.  Today they do a whole lot more.

If you are like me and have a watch for the gym, a different watch for the office, and another for casual weekend time, then any of the 8 stylish fitness watches for men above can handle all your needs and well worth the cost. I have reviewed Best Watches for Men Under $50 and the Best Preppy Men’s Watches for 2019 which are an alternative to the digital options above.

If you have been reading any of my watch articles, you will know I have never been a fan of digital smartwatches and have long recommended traditional, swiss made classics.  Although I still love the classics, I now own one of these stylish fitness watches for men and appreciate the features and benefits of this amazing technology.

I bought the AmazFit GTR 47mm and am delighted that I did.  It’s a fun toy to play with and I put it in my watch rotation a few times a week.  Honestly, I do it more for testing and playing with the apps more then as part of my personal style.  In my book, nothing beats a classic watch.

I recommend you give it a try and I bet you will be very surprised as to how functional one of these stylish fitness watches for men can be.  Once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

If you like this article, please consider signing up for my newsletter and leave a commend below to tell me which is your favorite.  Did you buy one of these and if so, how do you like it.  Since these devices change several times a year, I will be updating this article often with the latest data and reviews so check back often.

Thanks for reading.

Stylish Fitness Watches for Men