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Without health, nothing else matters.  Learn all you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this category.

What Makes us Happy in Life

What Makes Us Happy in Life

While reading a book the other day, I learned about a fascinating statistic about what makes us happy in life. I learned we can only control 50% of our happiness, which means the other 50% of our happiness is out of our control.  I find this very hard to believe!...

Things That Never Impress Smart People

10 Things That Never Impress Smart People

People are always trying to impress other people with their possessions and wealth in an attempt to make everyone like them . Perception often never meets reality. Here is a list of 10 things that never impress smart people like us. The simple fact is possessions of any kind will...

Improved Productivity with Mindfulness

Improve Productivity with Mindfulness

There are very simple and proven ways to improve productivity with mindfulness. This article will go into the ways to be more mindful, the benefits of mindfulness, and how to apply it to be more productive in your daily life. Being mindful is a current trend that has been around...

Declutter Your Life Basement

Top 20 Reasons to Declutter Your Life Today

Clutter has become one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives today. When you declutter your life, you increase your productivity, decrease stress and anxiety, and improve your mental health.  Clutter in America should be declared a national health hazard.  Good news, there is a cure.  Need motivation,...

Stress Free Life Wine Family Friends

Living a Less Stressful Minimalist Lifestyle

How much stuff you have in your life will have a HUGE impact to your stress level and quality of life.  I think we all can have a less stressful minimalist lifestyle by living a more minimalist lifestyle but not everyone is disciplined enough to reach this goal.  This is...