Real Men use a Modern Minimalist Wallet Phone Case

Gentleman!  Its time to grow up and lose that distressed old think leather wallet and upgrade to a more stylish, modern minimalist wallet phone case today.  Why?  Because you are a man, love quality leather, and don’t need all the crap you have in your current wallet.

I was just like you.  A few years ago, I carried a very thick cheap overflowing wallet and it ruined all my pockets.  In this nightmare of a wallet, I carried a bunch of cash (lots of singles, don’t ask why), receipts, gift cards, library card, bunch of credit cards, multiple  IDs, insurance cards, and lots more. 

Minimalist Wallet Phone Case

Why did I have all that stuff?  I have no idea.

But good news, I finally grew up and realized I don’t need all those cards and crap I often carried around with me.  Today I get by with 5% of all that and am much happier.

In my old wallet, I carried at least 15+ cards with me plus lots of receipts and extra paper.  Why?  Because I thought I would need it someday.

In reality, I never needed it and I finally learned that lesson about 4 years ago after frequent trips to my doctor with back problems.  I need to change.

Ever since that day, 90% of the time I just carry my iPhone wallet with me.  On rare occasions I will also carry my minimalist wallet too.

Here’s how you can minimalize your wallet too.

What You Need and Why?

A gentleman’s wallet needs to be two things.  Functional and Stylish.  The functional part is to organize and keep safe your money and credit cards.  The style part is to look professional and presentable when paying for anything.

Functional Needs

In order for a wallet to be functional, you need to properly organize your financial items (credit cards and cash) and carry an ID as required by law. 

That’s it!  Lets not complicate this.


We all need to carry around some basic identification.  For most people, this is a drivers license.  When virtual IDs become the norm I will be the first in line to get one but until that date, I need my drivers license.

But for many other IDs, virtual is perfectly fine.  I have virtual IDs for many organizations stored on my phone and available if I never need them.  This works great for me and keeps my wallet simple but very functional.


We all need some cash for basics and tipping.  This means you will need a combination of small and large bills, but you don’t need more then 5-8 paper bills with you.  In my wallet, I usually carry a combination of $1, $5, and $20 to make sure I am covered for most situations.

Credit Cards

Most Americans are deep in debt because we have very easy sources of credit.  Just about every store I go in I am asked if I want to open up a credit account with them and get a small discount.  Personally I recommend gentlemen only carry 2 credit cards.  If you have more, leave them at home.

Business Cards

This is usually very important for most business professionals but I never recommend you carry your business cards in your wallet.  I recommend a separate business card holder to have on hand so the cards can maintain their shape and condition.  I carry mine in my car, office, and briefcase, so I always have it nearby. 

Anything more then this list of 3/4 things is (in my opinion) just not needed.


This is simple.  There are several types of wallets you can get but I only recommend minimal wallets for a gentleman.

There are 2 types of wallets I recommend, the minimalist wallet and the minimalist wallet phone case.

Personally all the rest are too big and allow you to carry more then you need.  Don’t temp yourself.  Get a minimalist wallet and force yourself to keep things simple.

Minimalist Wallet Phone Case

My main everyday wallet is my leather minimalist wallet phone case.  You know this one.  It’s a leather book style with the phone on one side and some cash, credit cards, and driver license on the other side.

This is 98% of what I use every day and is extremely easy and coinvent to carry and use.

I also use a free phone app called VIPCards that allows me to scan in my other cards and keep them on my phone.  This allow me to have available all my other cards and use them whenever they are needed.

This includes my library, insurance, store discount cards to name a few.

There are a few different types of minimalist wallet phone cases.  DO NOT buy a cheap one.  Quality will go a long way in making this wallet manly, functional, and stylish.

This means you will be spending around $50+ for a high quality leather minimalist wallet phone case.

I highly recommend the magnetic cases where the phone is magnetically connected to the inside of the wallet.  This way you can easily remove it and connect it to your car or easily carry it in your hand when you are using it.

Very few are magnetic so make sure you find one that is!

Also, only the best quality leather is acceptable.  When using top grain leather, the leather will break in and become nicer over time.  With low quality or fake leather, it will look terrible in a few months and you will regret the purchase.

Sorry to say the vast majority of wallets are usually very poor quality leather, or even worse, fake leather.

I have had great luck buying quality stuff on Etsy.  Give it a try. I recommend a company called Texans Leather.

Minimalist Wallet

A minimalist wallet or slim wallet are great for just carrying what you need.  These are perfect for carrying some added cash and cards. 

The best thing about these wallets is the size.  They are so small and light weight, you can easily carry it in your front or rear pocket and completely forget you have it there.

Remember the purpose of a wallet.  Its to keep your money and cards organized and safe.  It was never designed to be a briefcase and carry an array of other things.  Return to basics and keep a wallet just a wallet.

This is a great, stylish way to upgrade your look.  My minimizing your wallet, you


I see too many men out there with wallets that are over stuffed, cheap, and falling apart, and wanted to write a quick article about what you can do about it.  Men are allowed so few accessories that it is critical that we get every one right.

Men are not like ladies with a purse for every outfit.  We are men and we have one or two wallets that serve our needs simply and with great style.

People will notice, so make that great impression with your wallet.  This is too easy of a fix not to do today.

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Thanks for reading.

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