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How to be Honorable

How to be Honorable in Today’s World

Are you an honorable man in today’s world? I would guess that 99% of you think you are, but in reality, less then 4% of Americans can make that claim. Lets see if you’re one of the really few who know how to be honorable in today’s world.

20 Gentlemen Books Every Guy Should Read

20 Gentleman Books Every Guy Should Read

It’s a shame that in today’s world, we would need a list of gentleman books every guy should read to lean how to be a better man.  To learn how to be a proper gentleman.  But we do. With so few great role models, we need to learn manly, gentlemanly...

What Makes us Happy in Life

What Makes Us Happy in Life

While reading a book the other day, I learned about a fascinating statistic about what makes us happy in life. I learned we can only control 50% of our happiness, which means the other 50% of our happiness is out of our control.  I find this very hard to believe!...

How to Find your Goals in Life

How to Find Your Goals in Life? Find Your Purpose

Learning how to find your goals in life is a lot like driving to Disney.  If your purpose is to get to Disney, your goals are the detailed directions to get you there. If you want to learn “how to find your goals in life“, the first step is to...