What Not to Wear Men Style Mistakes

Here is a list of what not to wear men style mistakes that guys do everyday.  Before you leave your house, check yourself for this list of common men style mistakes.  To check yourself, here is my list of my top 10 style mistakes men make.  There is no reason why anyone should be doing anything on this list.

If your goal in life is to look terrible and offend everyone around you, then stop wasting your time reading this article.  If you care about yourself just a little bit, then keep reading because this list will help you.

I am not talking about minor fashion mistakes like not matching your leathers or wearing the wrong accessories, these are major mistakes that should never happen.

Men’s Style Mistake #1

Not Caring About How You Look

I get it.  You care more about what’s on the inside and refuse to be superficial.  Sorry to say this but you are wrong on this one!  If you truly care more about what’s on the inside, then your outside should reflect your true inside self.

Pride in yourself is key to your success in business and in life.  If you don’t care about yourself or your appearance, why should other people care about you either?  The only message you are sending to others is you are lazy and don’t care about quality.

Once you care about how you look, set a standard on how you will look and exceed it every day.  Look in the mirror before you go out and make sure you are looking good.  Its that simple!

Once you start to care more about yourself, then success will naturally come.

Men’s Style Mistake #2

Lack of Grooming


I cannot understand why any gentleman would want to offend other people around them.  Gentlemen, please, take a shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair.  Get haircuts every month, trim that facial/body hair, and use deodorant everyday!  I know your parents taught you this so make them proud and do it.

We are all social animals and interact with other humans all the time.  If you do not take care of the basics, you will smell and appearance will say a lot about you before you even open your month to talk.  Make that great first impression.

Men’s Style Mistake #3

Gym Cloths are for the Gym Only

I see men wearing gym clothes everywhere.  Why?  Because they are more comfortable and convenient.  Sorry gentlemen, this is a major no-no.

Imagine wearing dress shoes while running or gym shorts to a formal party?  How will that look?  Sorry to say but wearing gym sneakers with anything other then gym clothes looks silly.    Sneakers are fine for casual outfits.  You just need to get a casual sneaker to wear with casual outfits.

I understand comfort is important to people today.  There is no reason why you cannot get casual clothes to be comfortable.  You can find stretch fabric in chino’s and jeans everywhere.  If you want to wear your comfortable sweats or gym shorts at home that no problem but never when you are in view of the public.

Men’s Style Mistake #4

Get Rid of Your Worn Out Clothes


I get it, you have that favorite tee shirt you love to wear or that favorite pair of shoes that go with everything.  I hate to tell you thins but there is time to call it quits.  If you love your worn out shoes, then bring them to a cobbler and get them fixed.  If you love your old raggy tee short, then buy a new one that looks just like the old.

This goes for anything with holes in it, stains, and raggy edges.  Maybe you are keeping it around for a painting shirt or something to wear while working on the car.  Fine, but never out in public.

There is no reason why you need to wear old and destroyed clothes anymore.  New cloths are not expensive.  Yesterday I just bought a new polo tee shirt for $2 and new gap stretch jeans for $30.

Men’s Style Mistake #5:

Wearing Clothes that Does Not Fit Anymore

Sorry to say buy as you age, you will likely gain some weight and your old clothes will no longer fit you right.  I can understand when something is a little off but I see men wearing clothes that are 4 sizes too small or too large and that looks terrible.

Buy new clothes today!

As I said before, clothes do not need to be expensive.  You can easily find deals on great items and start wearing properly fitting stuff today.  I just bought a great new suit for a little over $100 at JCP and I love it.  I will get it tailored to a perfect fit for around $40 and I will have a great custom fitted suit for under $150.

Men’s Style Mistake #6:

Wearing Tighty-Whitey or White Tank Top Undershirts


I refuse to call a white tank top by its common name because I find it very offensive to women and degrading to gentlemen.  Have some class gentlemen.

Only children wear the tighty-whity underwear and if you are reading this, I will assume you are over the age of 10.  Get yourself some proper underwear and be a man.

For the undershirt tank top wearers in the world, sorry to tell you think but it just is not a good look for a gentleman.  Maybe in a gym it is OK to showoff the guns but for the rest of the time, lose the tank and get yourself a proper fitting tee.

Men’s Style Mistake #7:

Wearing Socks with Sandals

When you are hanging out at home wearing socks and you want to go outside to get the mail or maybe throw out the garbage.  Wearing socks and sandals in this example could be considered OK when you are positive no one will ever see you.

All other times, lose the socks, please.  If your feet are disgusting, then take care of the problem and do not just cover it up (but before you correct your skanky feet, keep them covered, just don’t wear sandals with them).

Men’s Style Mistake #8:

Wearing White Socks with Dress Pants

Gentlemen, White socks are worn with white gym sneakers and we already covered gym sneakers are only OK in the gym.  This makes this point obvious to everyone. Your socks need to match your pants or sometimes your shoes.

I understand that wearing your thick white gym socks will make your shoes more comfortable and you think no one will ever see your socks or care about your socks.  You are wrong.  People will notice.  If you are breaking in a new pair of shoes, then buy a new pair of thick socks to wear with them to make them more comfortable while you are breaking them in.

Men’s Style Mistake #9:

Lack of Pride in Yourself

I get it, not everyone has the perfect body.  Actually, very few of us do.  The mistake men make is not having pride in their body today.  If you are balding, then own it and be proud of it.  If you are too tall or short, then be proud of that too and own it.  There are plenty of things in life you cannot control so be happy with you are and other people will too.

Maybe you are not happy or proud of other things about your body.  This one is easy. Fix it.  If you are out of shape, then get in shape.  If your smile needs fixing, then those teeth fixed.  Be  happy with you because you need to live with yourself.

When you have pride in yourself, your confidence will soar and everyone will notice.

Men’s Style Mistake #10:

Baggy Jeans or Clothes

Baggy clothes was a fashion trend that came and went.  A gentlemen knows never to buy into trends but to always stick with the classic style.  We can also say that pants with pleats are also considered somewhat to be baggy.

The style now is to have your clothes more fitted to your body.  This does not mean tight.  Since clothes are made with more stretch fabric, having something more fitted can be very comfortable and look good at the same time.

Rule of thumb here, avoid skinny jeans unless you are really skinny.  Buying slim is usually a good bet and if you are a larger gentlemen, then stick to the regular cut.  Shirts should be cut to your body type and one size definitely does not fit all.

And while we are on the topic.  Please avoid cargo pants or shorts.  This is another trend that has passed.  Clean, classic pants or shorts will never go out of style and your clothing budget will go much further if you invest in the classics.


Buy a dam mirror and use it every day while you are getting dressed.  Raise your standards, look at yourself, and judge yourself as you would expect others to judge you.  What impression are you making with your clothes?  If its not your best impression, then wear something else.

If you need some help in deciding what are the right clothes to wear, check out my article on the 10 Modern Gentlemen Style Tips.

Imagine you are a celebrity and every time you leave the house, people will take pictures of you and past it all over magazine covers everywhere?  Would you wear the stuff you typically wear knowing you will be seen and judged by so many people?  Probably not.  Then upgrade your style and avoid these 10 men’s style mistakes.

Do you make any of these what not to wear men style mistakes?  Do you make any of these mistakes but will not omit it?  No worries, just fix them and worry about more complicated issues in your life.  Leave a comment below and let me know if you agree with my list or if you would add or remove anything from the list.