Complete Car Tool Kit List Everyone Should Carry

I think the boy Scout motto of “Always prepared” and the US Coast Guard motto of “Always Ready” (Semper Paratus) are lessons we all need to take to heart.  To be prepared, we need to use a car tool kit list and make sure our cars are prepared for anything that can happen on the road.

To make this easier for you. I have included is my FREE, downloadable and printable, Car Tool Kit List you can use to make sure you are prepared.

I use this list and have bought and use everything on this list in my family’s 6 cars. I stand behind these recommendations!

A little preparation now to create the perfect little car emergency kit could save our lives, or the lives of someone you love if you are willing to take steps now to “Be Prepared”.

There are many different types of emergencies.  You could break down, have a medical emergency, or get into an accident at any moment.  Being more prepared now will make those problems much easier to deal with.

I broke down the lists into several categories to make it easier for you. These can easily be combined into a few small bags depending on the type of car you have.

  • Basic Car Tool Kit List, located in random places in the car
  • Mechanical Car Tool Kit List, small bag in my trunk
  • Getting Stuck Car Tool Kit List, small bag in my trunk, only carried in Winter
  • Personal Gear Car Tool Kit List, medium sized duffel bag in my trunk

My family has several cars in the driveway and I sleep better knowing all the cars and members of my family is well equipped to handle just about any emergency. 

The cars range from SUV’s with massive trunk space, jeep wranglers that go off road,  and a VW Beetle with almost no trunk space.

Each car carries different gear.  Since the jeep goes off road a lot, it needs recovery gear like tracks, tow straps, winch, air pumps, and a fire extinguisher in order to be prepared for emergencies. 

The Beetle will never see off road and needs gear more focused for road emergencies.

I am a huge believer in keeping this gear as compact and affordable as possible.

I can easily fit everything in no more than 3 very small bags.  Often just 1 if I’m not going off road and don’t carry my overnight bag.

As I said before, I have bought all of this gear for my family to keep in their cars and I also taught them how to use it all.

This is a fathers job to teach his kids how to be safe on the road.

Lets start with the basics that every car should have in the cabin area.

Complete Cat Tool Kit List Everyone Should Carry

Basic Car Tool Kit List for Everyday Driving

This list is the most basic stuff every person should carry in their car.  Consider this the EDC (Every Day Carry) for your car.

I would suspect that over 75% of cars on the road today have most of this gear in their car already.  If you are part of the 25%, get your act in gear and make sure you are prepared today.

Most of this stuff is not something you need to buy. I am sure you have an umbrella, towels, and shopping bags (quality, strong) around the house.

All you need to do is make sure you have it in the car too.

Basic Car Tool Kit List

Mechanical Car Tool Kit List

Cars break down at the worst time possible.  Actually, any time is the worse time possible.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to need basic tools for your car.  These tools can be used for anything, even house repairs.

The basic tools I have in all my cars costs less than $10, are great quality, and I use them for everything. 

No excuses not to have a set in your car.  Did I mention they are incredibly compact too.

I use to go to harbor freight and buy all my tools and car gear but decided to simplify my family kits and now I go with the Amazon set.  A lot cheaper too.

The prices on Amazon for a complete car Emergency kit, tools, and high end first aid kit comes in at around $40.  This is most of what you need for an incredible price too.

Mechanical Car Tool Kit List

Accident Car Tool Kit List

Accidents happen all the time.  I spent over 30 years on my towns first aid squad and I would tell my paintents this all the time.

Knowing what to do is critical.  Take pictures, record any details, write down all the details so you can remember later if you need to.

Your insurance company will have a list of things they want you to do in the case of an accident.  Get those instructions in writing and put a copy in every car. 

I keep this items in my glove box neatly organized and ready.

Here is a general downloadable list of things to do after an accident from our friends at

Accident First Aid Car Tool Kit List

Getting Stuck Car Tool Kit List

Depending on where you live, getting stuck might be a common thing in your life or completely strange to you.

I live in the north east where the weather can be crazy.  We get snow about 3-4 months of the year and it could be very bad sometimes.

Life doesn’t stop just because a foot of snow is in your way.  We brush off our cars and put it in gear.  We know what we need to do if we get stuck and can easily get unstuck if we carry the right gear.

The first thing to do is not panic and make things worse. Get your gear out and plan your escape. Proper planning and practice is key to getting our of these sticky situations.

Getting Stuck Car Tool Kit List

Personal Gear Car Tool Kit List

Most people are not taking their cars off road but that doesn’t mean you do not need some personal gear in the car to get you through problems.

Having a spare set of clothes, rain gear, and other basics have come in handy for me too many times for me to count.

Please remember to check your bag at least 2 times a year to update it with weather appropriate clothes.  My bag is large enough for me to carry pants, shorts, socks, 2 shirts, pocket jacket, and personal stuff.  Plus I love the leather bag I use to carry it all in.

The fleece blanket doubles as a pillow for the kids to use too and its so compact.

Personal Gear Car Tool Kit List


The days of the cowboy and his saddlebag may be in the past, but the needs are still there today.

We need to carry stuff with us when we travel to make sure we can survive the little problems that come our way everyday.

It is not enough to put these bags together and have them in your cars.  You need to know how to use everything in there and practice so you can used them in an emergency.

Please let me know what you think of this list and what gear you think I should add or remove. 

Remember, the goal is to have a small, low cost kit, that most readers can use.  There is of course other gear that would be great to have but was either too expensive or too large to make the list.

Please leave your ideas in the comment section below and will gladly update the article and PDF download.

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Thanks for reading.

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